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Our Mission

The CORE is the innermost part, or center of an individual, entity, or idea. It is the basic or fundamental part that other thought processes, beliefs, skills, or passions are built upon. By providing art experiences, art classes, selling, and commissioning art creations, From The Core Art Studio is "Building a Heart for Art" ! 


Artist Bio

Lizzie Brown is a Richmond based artist and owner of From The Core Art Studio. She is an alumni of Virginia Commonwealth University, where she earned a dual degree in Painting/Printmaking and Art Education, along with a minor in Art History. Lizzie Brown has been displaying her work in galleries and spaces throughout Richmond,VA, D.C., and Maryland, working in conjunction with Mending Walls, vending at various pop-up markets in surrounding areas, and leading art experiences and camps for youth. 




Artist Statement  

Lizzie’s connection to creating and teaching are a form of ministry. Working mainly in acrylic paints, she creates colorful portraits depicting the beauty, resilience, and vibrancy of African American men, women, and children in order to counter how people of color are often portrayed in the media. Her completed paintings serve as renewed images of black people. Lizzie Brown wants those who encounter her work to leave feeling uplifted and empowered.

The Conversation_2021_4'x4'_Interior Latex Paint on PCV Board_artist.jpg


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to create and bring the arts to others.

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